Claws and Hands

Feelings, emotions, and instincts are the common denominator between humans and animals, and over time, they learned to use animals not only as food sources and instruments. But today, in modern society, more attention is paid to the position of domestic animals. This emerging issue is closely related to the lack of hope and emotion and loneliness, and The cruel contemporary world to survive، which needs much more kindness than the current situation.

This series is about a training club for guard dogs and work and home dogs. Visitors to this place fall into several categories. Ordinary people for their dogs, just guard dogs, rescue dogs, and the Red Crescent, police search dogs to find drugs are among them, but apart from these general cases, many emotional moments are going on there such as the owner of a pet, cause of the dissatisfaction of neighbors who has changed his or her place, or the tears and grief of some clients due to the loss of their animal. Mohsen, the owner of the center, 37, spends the whole day long here training dogs with all his heart. It’s been 4 years that he has established his center in Yazd, and has made all equipment by himself.

In his opinion, every creature has a nervous system in the world that is teachable.

Nowadays, Iran has established strict laws regards keeping dogs by the government of the Islamic Republic, with the subject “Plan to protect public rights against harmful and dangerous animals “, even arrest the dog owner and pay heavy fines and take the cars of those who brought their dogs on the street to special parking lots. The existence of centers such as Mohsen’s which pay attention to creatures is a source of hope and relief. One-dimensional laws that are based on the religious beliefs about dogs originate from the government’s concern about changing people’s lifestyles and imitating the West about having a pet.