Zohreh Sabagh


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Dancing in the Dust

Sistan and Baluchestan is the second largest province in Iran with an area of 180,726 km2 and a population of 2.8 million. This province is possible to experience several phenomena such as storm droughts, dust, rain, floods, and rough seas at the same time. one of the areas that have been severely affected by the drying up of Lake Hamun. In terms of geographical scale, the distance between villages such as some in Zabol and Dashtiari is about 1000 km. Climate change, drought, reduced rainfall, government mismanagement, drying of rivers and wetlands, eyes and respiratory diseases, Unemployment and migration resulting from it, economic recession, and turning to fake jobs such as fuel and drug trafficking on a large scale, are among the most important problems issues which this area is facing....

Claws and Hands

Feelings, emotions, and instincts are the common denominator between humans and animals, and over time, they learned to use animals not only as food sources and instruments. But today, in modern society, more attention is paid to the position of domestic animals. This emerging issue is closely related to the lack of hope and emotion and loneliness, and The cruel contemporary world to survive، which needs much more kindness than the current situation...


It’s been years that we live together and at each period, certain qualities in her amazed me. After five years since the start of this project, I inspect this coexistence with more attention. Marzieh, my 71 years old grandmother lived 28 years of her life under the Pahlavi regime (former non- Islamic and royal government), went through the Revolution in her prime youth years and year by year got used to the ways of the new regime, the "Islamic Republic."...


Man, among all the choices about the originality of its existence, the only thing that is sure of it is “the existential loneliness of oneself”. There will be no difference between past and future, only throwing into the universe is the present evidence of his existence. Despite all the roles we have taken on and immersed in their daily lives, Sometimes the veil of reality is lifted before our eyes for a moment, and our dumb gaze falls on the chaotic interior of the house, in these few short moments, power, colorlessness and meaninglessness sit on the souls of things. The anchor in our safe house is torn off, Endless exile pervades man. And man becomes alienated with all his self-made identity. When a human can no longer find anything to grab, what makes its grandeur more formidable than ever, is nothingness and emptiness.