Man, among all the choices about the originality of its existence, the only thing that is sure of it is “the existential loneliness of oneself”. There will be no difference between past and future, only throwing into the universe is the present evidence of his existence.
Despite all the roles we have taken on and immersed in their daily lives, Sometimes the veil of reality is lifted before our eyes for a moment, and our dumb gaze falls on the chaotic interior of the house, in these few short moments, power, colorlessness and meaninglessness sit on the souls of things. The anchor in our safe house is torn off, Endless exile pervades man. And man becomes alienated with all his self-made identity. When a human can no longer find anything to grab, what makes its grandeur more formidable than ever, is nothingness and emptiness.
There is a long sleep in the eyes Which does not have Releasing anesthesia in the heart nor conscious awareness. It is a long frost that everything starts to melt and from the cold burn, only numbness remains. This is the most obvious result of this life Although your breathing cannot warm this ice of existence the same heat of the breath causes it to flow and what is considered non-existent for these ice-white molds is, in fact, their very nature.
Man’s most pleasing remedy for this fundamental misery, Communicating with others. Although each of us is alone in our existence and We can only share in each other alone and with a possibility called life, let us endure it. How the one human soul is mixed with a part of others and at the same time, apart from them, accustom himself, in such a way that he does not escape from his fundamental loneliness and Do not use another person as a means of defense against loneliness, is a conflict that the human soul must go through to grow.