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Since I’ve been mature enough to know myself, I did nothing unless I was in love with it!
I am Zohreh Sabaghnejad, born in 1988, Iran.
Photography sparked in my life many years ago, although I had seen the footprints before in my life, like a stranger you don’t know you’ll fall in love with.
It was in the middle of my bachelor’s in architecture, when I found the field plain and dull to me.
After my father’s passing, I went through years of depression and turned to writing poems and a touch of photography.

I published my first book of poetry in April 2021, titled as “Silence is from one tribe”.
The new profession I chose later was working as a social worker, in my pursuit of my heart’s peace. It was then when I realized my passion for photography is deep and seeing and hearing people through my camera’s shutter is my calling.
As I realized I couldn’t achieve my dreams of social justice as a social worker, I found myself saved by art.
I believe that my strongest suit in photography was my failures and my losses…
Art saved me. It has been my anchor through the storms of challenge and the cruel life. It is keeping me alive.

The first course of my photography lessons was on 7th October 2016 in Tehran with Hamid Janipour. Then I also took a course with Peyman Hooshmanzadeh.

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